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Signs of Mold Infestation

Informations About Signs of Mold Infestation

Signs of Mold Infestation

Mold is not an issue that should be taken lightly therefore, if one has the slightest suspicion that they might have mold they should call for an inspection. Mold is sometimes visible, in that case you could see the mold and proceed accordingly. Unfortunately, other times mold is not visible to the naked eye but, there are still other ways to tell if you’ve been infested with mold. If one finds themselves smelling an unpleasant musty odor in their homes this likely means that you have been infested with mold, which means you are inhaling toxic compounds that have been produced by the mold and possibly mold spores as well. If the slightest sight of mold is found it must be dealt with immediately, if you fail to do so small patches will grow and become a bigger issue since your home already has all the factors that mold thrives in.

During the inspection process, our technicians will do a walk-through and visually assess the area for signs of observable mold growth. Visual assessment is vital and helpful in the confirmation of mold growth in an area. Additional testing, such as air and/or swab testing, is beneficial in order to fully verify the extent of mold infestation.


Generally, the first sign of possible mold growth is a musty, wet smell which would usually not be expected inside of a home or property. Mold does not always present itself visually, and therefore identifying a moldy scent may sometimes prevent mold growth to spread into other areas.

Surface Damages:

Many molds, when beginning to grow rapidly, will affect the surface which it is growing on. The following are signs of mold growth surface damages which are observed and analyzed by our technicians during a mold inspection:

Distorted wood

Due to the water infiltration, the wood will develop a soggy look. This will cause the wood to bend and curl up in places which it normally would not. Mold can develop when water intrudes on a wooden surface.

Surface markings

Walls and other surfaces, when infested by mold growth, will have markings and discolorations, such as; brown, green, or black. Stains are a definite sign of mold growth in that specific location.

Water leaks

Of course, visible signs of water leaks are to be noted. Whether the mold has already started to grow or not, that surface needs to be checked for signs such as yellow water stains which would indicate moisture behind that surface.

Bathroom Tile Black Spotting:

Because of constant moisture which circulates in a bathroom, it easily becomes a proliferation ground for mold growth. Tiles in the bathroom, due to their texture and spacing, allow moisture to thrive between the small cracks and underneath the surfaces. The combination of the moisture and dirt that exist between the tiles creates an environment where mold can increase rapidly.


Finally, a sure sign of mold growth caused by water damage is the mold itself. When mold is obvious and observable, technicians will evaluate the mold through non-invasive tests, to find the best way to remediate the problem.

Paint flaking

When paint on walls begins to have a flaking look, this usually means there is moisture beneath the surface which ultimately causes mold growth as well.

Adhesive Malfunctions:

When adhesive materials on walls, such as wall paper or dry-wall tape, will malfunction, this is a definite sign of water intrusion. Dry wall adhesives are made to stick on dry walls. If there is moisture on the surface, the adhesive will not work correctly and will de-attach from its surface.

Gutter Malfunctions:

Many times, gutters are the cause of mold problems in homes. Proper deliverance of water from rainfall to a safe distribution location is vital in keeping the moisture out of the home. When gutters are faulted, water collects at the base of the structure and can enter the home, causing immense damages to the foundations.

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