Mold Removal Guarantee

It is believed that giving service guarantee to the customers reflects the company’s accuracy and confidence in their work. That is the reason why New York Mold Specialist offers 2 years on guarantee on their following services.

Mold Inspection Services

We also provide mold inspection services in NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut. While a simple mold inspection can benefit you and your family in many ways. We even provide you a 2-year guarantee on mold inspection as well.

Our mold specialist technician will come to your home or property to inspect mold growth and it’s symptoms. After that, they will visually inspect the surrounding areas using an infrared camera. Then they will the humidity level using a humidity monitoring device. If there is any visual mold present, our technician will take samples and send it to the lab for further inspection.

Further, the technicians will photograph any possible areas of mold in the property which can be used as a legal evidence. If the remediation is not necessary based on the findings, a clearance report along with lab results will be emailed to the client.

Mold Removal Service

We at New York Mold Specialist are committed and guaranteed to offer 100% mold free living within 2 years of the mold removal process. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed to work on mold removal in NYC.

Our technician will first determine the exact roots of the problem. After detecting the problem the humidity and moisture levels in the remediation area will be controlled. While proper safety would be placed to safeguard the health and concerns of the occupants. After that, the experts will disinfect the mold growth and treat it with an antimicrobial coating in order to prevent mold growth.

After completion of remediation work, all the air will be scrubbed and HEPA vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that our company guarantees are only applicable to the service that was first performed. Meaning, if you require additional services after our intervention, we will only guarantee to repeat the service we first offered. We do not take responsibility for a scope of work greater than we first performed.