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New York Mold Specialist’s primary goal is to satisfy our customers needs. With many years of knowledge and experience in mold remediation in NYC, our company specializes to remove and prevent future mold growth. We have licensed technicians that will arrive fully equipped to perform mold remediation in NYC, mold testing, mold removal and flood damage repair. We provide all of our services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Why Choose us

Alike other companies, our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs by restoring and making their home free from mold. We have a team of experienced and qualified technicians. Moreover, we are an insured removal company that’s what we differ from other companies.

We have many years of knowledge and experience in removing mold growth and preventing it from growing further. As the name suggests, We have our offices at NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We offer a wide array of services like mold inspection and testing, mold removal, water/flood damage repair, fire damage, air duct cleaning, and anti-bacterial cleaning that no other companies do! That is the reason we are the best mold specialist in New York

Our licensed technicians are committed to provide the best to the customers and make sure that the place is left clean and healthy once the service has been completed. Customer satisfaction is something that extremely vital for us. We understand the seriousness of mold and how it can have adverse effect on the health.

With years of experience, we assure you to deliver the best quality services and provide you the best of your money worth. We make sure to keep up with the latest technology to stay advanced in the industry. Our safe and foolproof solutions are made to cater all your needs in the most effective way possible.

We provide reasonable price for all our services which is what makes our customers so loyal and reliable upon us. So, let us help you in your journey towards a better healthier life.

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We strive to provide our best to the customers and make sure that they are left with utmost satisfaction. Have a look at these testimonials which will give you an idea about how we work.

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  • review rating 5  Outstanding service. Highly professional. If someone is in need to have mold testing New York Mold Specialist is the best company to get your home mold-free.

    thumb Pushpendra Singh

    review rating 5  We manage over 2500 units in Manhattan. Whenever we run across a mold related issue we know who to call. reliable and always on time. Tal Always knows how to handle all situations and turn it in to a smooth process. The equipment they use is always top of the line and reports are always sent out within a day or two max. Highly reliable service, friendly staff and an all around pleasant firm.

    thumb john smith

    review rating 5  Great service. Highly recommend Tal arrived the following day of me calling him. He was efficient, respectful and explanatory. The price was fair compared to all the other company’s and I received the results back the next day with a full detailed report. These guys are good and you really get good quaintly service as well as friendly people. Thank you !

    thumb Liad Darmoni
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend New York mold Specialist. My condo was full of mold due to busted pipes over the years. I don’t think I could have found a more reliable efficient and thorough company than New York mold specialist to take care of this problem. Tal is professional and honest and really treated us like family. He came gave us an estimate. It was a fair piece and he stuck to it. The job took a total of 72 hours and at the end it was really like nothing happened. The smell was gone and the place was spotless. Their customer service really speaks for itself. Thank you!

    thumb Gary Fogel

    review rating 5  Highly recommend. Great company and great friendly people as well. Everything went smooth from scheduling to the report. The inspector was thorough from the air sampling and swab samples to the high tech moisture testing tools. Was told we would be receiving the reports back in 2 days however we received it the next day as well as a call from The their office explaining everything in detail. It is great knowing that nothing major is going on and my air is safe. Pricing was readable as well.

    thumb Tal Ohana

    review rating 5  I am very thankful to New York Mold Specialist. They helped me repair my home from mold. I called them on Saturday and they came on the same day, Evaluated my home and started working on the mold remediation process. It took around 2 days for the process and we have got relief from the mold. I definitely would not hesitate to call or recommend New York Mold Specialist company to anyone!

    thumb stevan davvis
  • review rating 5  I called New York Mold Specialist this weekend when I came to know about the mold in my bathroom. My neighbor had suggested to me as they have used them for water leakage. They evaluate the property and started the mold remediation process. The work got done in a timely manner and I will definitely call again if I ever have a mold concern!

    thumb Hosten Dutch

    review rating 5  The team of New York Mold Specialist came on very short notice to inspect our home for last weekend. When I was on vacation with my family. I came back and saw that one of our water pipes was leaked and the roof was damaged due to water leakage. They cleaned up all the mess within a short period of time. I'd recommend them to anyone caught up in a similar spot. Thanks!

    thumb cora haggerty

    review rating 5  These guys were awesome they came to our house within few hours and got all our air ducts scrubbed out super fast. This is super awesome air duct cleaning service near NY awesome experience . i highly recommend calling them in the situation of emergency.

    thumb CaSeYf . SaVage
  • review rating 5  I was on vacation with my family and when I came back I had a water leak and the ceiling caved out. They removed all the drywall that was damaged. The team is very professional and co-operative. Although hopefully, we did not have any more damages caused by water leaks. but just in case it happens again, I will definitely call @team of New York Mold Specialist.

    thumb Methews Kewin

    review rating 5  I had water leaked which soaked the carpet in my spare room. I called New York Mold specialist. The job was done quickly and did a great job to clean and dry my spare room. If you are having water damage in Brooklyn then I would suggest you go with the New York Mold specialist.

    thumb velli gence

    review rating 5  Water Damage Solution was referred by my plumber after I had an extensive amount of water damage due to water heater breaking down. He suggested me New York Mold Specialist so I called them and they came, inspect the situation, covered the water damage. Many thanks, to the team of New York Mold Specialist.

    thumb benedict acker
  • review rating 5  I had just finished remodeling my condo and then I had the pipe burst! Damaging our new floors, wall and ceiling. Then I just randomly choose the team of New York Mold Specialist for this water damage in brooklyn and they helped me and covered the damage so quickly. Got a relief form this horrible experience. Happy to recommend!

    thumb james mull

    review rating 5  Our water tank leaked and its contents straight into the floor so I called New York Mold specialist. They performed some checks, stop the water damage and prevent further problems. Quite satisfied.

    thumb Helena Renn

    review rating 5  I would like to thank the Team @ New York Mold Specialist for making our water damage repairs a smooth experience in New York. The team worked by the schedule and very professional. Will keep you in mind whenever I'll need your services. Thank you!

    thumb niles rose
  • review rating 5  Worked with these guys a month ago when I had a flood in my kitchen. I simply search for flood damage services in NY and got some good reviews about this company. So I called them and they covered the damage very quickly. Got relief from the flood damage.

    thumb jose allan

    review rating 5  After another company's mold removal service, I was still suffering from a mold problem at my home. By reading the reviews about New York Mold Specialist, we gave a call to them and they were on the location within 24 hours. They removed the mold very quickly. In fact, they give 2 years guarantee too! Wish I would have used them from the start!

    thumb Martin Krowns

    review rating 5  Great mold removal company. Excellent service. Very honest thank you very much Tal and his crew recommend everyone to use them

    thumb Jake Barber
  • review rating 5  We called New York Mold Specialist last week for the mold inspection. They came on time and we were cleared of any mold in our home which was a relief for us. Certainly, if a problem of mold will occur, They would be the first name on my call list. Highly recommend New York Mold Specialist.

    thumb Shrona Fengins

    review rating 5  I was having a water damage in my home. It's been 3 months and no water leakage problem or water damage in my home. I am really happy with the services of New York Mold Specialist. In fact I also had a mold testing in my bathroom. They have a professional team with the best tools. Highly recommended!

    thumb Jennifer Collins

    review rating 5  Super awesome job! had a mold inspection done in my home in brooklyn . The service was great and the price was definitely worth it, Got the results the next day.

    thumb David Elbaz
  • review rating 5  If you have mold inside your home and looking for a great mold removal company then I would highly recommend New York Mold Specialist for a better result. From the first phone call to the evaluation done today, I have been very impressed with their professionalism.

    thumb Amelie Starc

    review rating 5  I called New York Mold Specialists Cleaning to inspect my bathroom for mold. The technician that came was professional, qualified, friendly and very experienced. Great company to use for the better result. Overall very satisfied with New York Mold Specialist.

    thumb Kain Keeton

    review rating 5  Fast and easy mold inspection received the results in 24 hours and the price was very affordable thank you so much!!

    thumb James Beck
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend Newyork Mold Specialist for removing mold from your home. I felt mold presence inside my house and was worried what to do as molds are very dangerous for health. Then, I called Newyork Mold Specialists, and they did an exceptional job of removing mold from my house thoroughly. They were very friendly, super responsive, and professional.

    thumb Terry Wolfe

    review rating 5  Great service!! Highly recommend them for mold removal & inspection services

    thumb Rafael Jones

    review rating 5  Amazing experience with this company. The New York Mold Removal is the best for their professional service. I was suffering from a mold problem in my bathroom. I am very pleased with their cordial behavior. They arrived on time to remove the mold properly within a short time. Thank you so much and I highly recommend this company for mold removal in new york.

    thumb Anna cianly
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