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We're Available 24x7 at Your Service

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We're Available 24x7 at Your Service

Mold Removal Long Island

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Mold Removal Long Island

Mold Removal/Remediation in Long Island, NY

Molds are a health hazard and are often found in place not easy to reach and those not visible in plain sight. Molds can be present for a long time before you realize their existence and can be in the form of algae, dust mites, viruses, yeast, mildew, or pollen.

The main reason that mold grows is due to the presence of a high level of moisture in the air. This can either be due to floods or leaks. Mold build up can result in allergic reactions, lung problems, Aspergillus and even internal bleeding due to Stachybotrys. Thus, it essential to act fast if you find mold infestation and initiate the mold removal process as soon as possible.

As a mold removal company in Long Island, we offer our services in all cases, even in event of damage due to flood. We also offer mold inspections services and water damage restoration services

Health Concern

Mold is harmful to us in many ways since it can spread through the atmosphere. Mold is a type of fungus and if it appears around the house, can lead to innumerable issues and cause bad odors as well. Some of the common

Our Services

We offer mold remediation in Long Island, NY as well as water damage restoration service. Our expert team can tend to your house at any time of the day and even on the weekend. Considering the toxin nature of mold we deal with such issues immediately. It is always advisable for the homeowners to be away from the house during the treatment process hence we conduct this service as soon as possible.

Why call us?

The first step towards mole removal is an inspection of a site. But it is important to be aware of how mold looks. It is essentially a type of fungi, but there are many types and hence it can differ in appearance. It can appear as a patch in many different colors. It can be black, green, brown, pink and will have a very bad odor. The fact that you can smell it means it is airborne and hence is a health risk as well. Mold can cause a great deal of damage to a house this includes the internal walls, brickwork and has the potential to destroy the structural integrity of the building. Some of the most common reasons to request an inspection include:  
  • Visible growth
  • Strange swell
  • Health complications
  • Water damage (leakage)
  • Property transaction

How does mold removal work?

It is easy to avail our services by first getting in touch with us about your issue. The initial process involves an inspection and involves making use of photos to make a note of the initial findings. The technician will make use of several devices like an infrared camera, humidity monitor, etc. to check the mold infested areas. This is followed by assessing the sample of the mold taken from the site of the infestation.

Mold removal/remediation process is prepared based on the detailed report received from the lab. We provide mold removal in long island at flexible hours to ensure the least disruption for the homeowners.

It can include several processes; some of them include mold cleaning, neutralization, enzyme, bio treatments, allergy cleansing, odor neutralization, disinfectant, mold assessments, de-humidification, and water extraction.

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If you have any questions or want to schedule professional mold removal services, please fill out our contact us form. Our friendly and knowledgeable team at New York Mold Specialist is dedicated to promptly responding to your inquiry and providing the necessary expertise to address your mold-related concerns. We are committed to helping you achieve a healthy and mold-free environment in your home or workplace.

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