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Take a look at previous job sites where we left our customers happy and satisfied. Mold is serious and we are serious about getting rid of it! We use highly technologically advanced equipment to ensure that not one bit of mold is left undetected. You and your family are one step away from a completed mold remediation. Book us today and be mold free within a week!



Mold can be found anywhere in a home. When mold is growing under the surfaces of your home, you will see mold protrusion on surfaces such as this door. Certified mold inspection and removal specialists will remove the mold from within so that the mold does not resurface.




It is important to get to the source of the problem. Moisture underneath your home surfaces, usually originating from a previous leak, will cause mold to grow and spread in the structure of your property. proper elimination of the moisture source is vital to keeping your home clean and mold free.




Mold is tricky to spot when using the naked eye. Often, moisture is hidden under the surfaces. A simple camera would not spot the location and extent of these moisture sources. Certified mold inspection and removal specialists use special infrared technology to see within the walls in order to know exactly where the moisture is coming from to ultimately plan out the most efficient mold removal procedure. Our technicians will compare the digitally dyed image with the general image to see where the moisture is “hiding.”



Unfortunately, many times, mold goes undetected for a long period of time and becomes more serious. immediate remediation is the key to saving your property from any further damages which can often be caused by mold infestation. If you suspect mold is growing in your home or work area, do not wait for it to get worse. Call us today to remove the mold from your property and sleep worry free.




Do not be fooled into thinking that merely painting over your mold will eliminate your mold problem. Mold cannot just be covered up. It it just a matter of time before it resurfaces. Don’t push it off! Get rid of your mold right away to avoid resurfacing of mold, as can be seen in this image. before moving into a new property, be sure to make sure you know exactly what’s going on in your new home.




Our technicians perform and thorough and efficient inspection involving various types of testing equipment, such as a humidity reader, in order to know the extent of the mold infestation occurring in your property. We at Certified mold inspection and removal specialists take our jobs very seriously and we will not leave the property until we feel that every possible mold infestation is detected. A thorough mold remediation is our goal and finding the mold sources in your home is the key to reaching that goal.




Many areas where mold may circulate are hard to reach or even see. Certified mold inspection and removal specialists make sure to get into every corner and space to see if there is any mold growing on the surfaces. Undetected mold can grow and for that reason, Certified mold inspection and removal specialists assures its customers that there is no surface left unchecked.




When water leaks occur, mold often follows. Places to check for mold would be those that are not frequently exposed to air, such as under kitchen sinks. If you are aware of a water leak, it is always important to check to see if mold has begun to grow in that location. You may begin to smell a mildewy scent. This is one of  many signs that mold infestation has begun.





An inspection is the first step to a clean and safe environment. Call us today to book an appointment!