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How to Prevent Moldy Appliances?

How to Prevent Moldy Appliances?

Almost all of us love brand new, shiny, and bright new appliances. When your appliances are new, it can be an easy task for you to remove the clothes from the washing machine or store food in the refrigerator in the beginning. However, with time these appliances go through their own share of wear and tear. Besides, you also start finding molds growing inside your appliances like inside a washing machine or on the edge of the dishwasher.

The entire purpose of cleaning is defeated when you find mold in or around your appliances. Besides being unsightly, the appliances that carry mold can be unhealthy for your body. This is the reason why it is essential to start preventing mold from growing on your appliances instantly upon delivery. Some special appliances are infamous for growing molds that can trap the moisture and invite mold.

Some of the different ways to keep the appliances mold-free are:

Washing Machine

Often, the laundry room clicks first when people think of appliances. The laundry room is known to be a breeding ground for mold. It is because mold tends to grow from moisture and food like source, including dirt or cellulose. It is a clear fact to know that a pile of dirty laundry kept in a damp room for a longer duration can indeed be an excellent home for mold.

Irrespective of the fact that you have a front-loading washing machine or top-loading machine, molds tend to have some unique spaces where they can hide easily. You might see the mold growing in the creases of the door or the detergent drawer in case of front-loading washers. You are most likely to find mold in the drum or interior walls in the case of top-loading washing machines.

Tips offered by experts who conduct mold testing Brooklyn NY to prevent mold in the laundry room are:

  • Do laundry often and try not to let the damp or dirty pile of clothes sit for a long time in the hamper or on the floor.
  • It would be best if you always dried clothes right away.
  • It would be best if you always kept the washing machine’s lid open after washes to let them dry out. Damp clothes and wet machines are invitation hunters for molds to grow.
  • You can also refer to the user’s manual on how to clean out the washing machine regularly. Check the creases, drum, and detergent drawers at least once a month and ensure they are clean and free of grime.


Another cozy home for mold is none other than the dishwasher. Like the washing machine, the dishwasher also has creases, compartments, and corners where moisture and food can hide. For example, the silverware baskets and interior panels can trap small pieces of food and go unnoticed. If you fail to clean the dishwasher regularly, it can be a top on your list of mold appliances.

Some of the tips to keep your dishwasher mold-free:

  • You should ensure that you always rinse the dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. Mold can grow if small pieces of food sit for an extended period.
  • After running the dishwasher, you should leave the door open for some time, so it is entirely dried before closing it.
  • It would be best if you ran the dry heat function once a week to kill the bacteria that lie in the dishwasher’s interiors. After you are done running this function, you need to ensure that you leave the door open to allow the interior to dry.
  • You can also remove the silverware baskets after each wash and clean them so you can be assured that no food is left behind in its creases.
  • Refrigerator- The most cringe-worthy of all the moldy appliances is the mold inside of your refrigerator. It is because the food lives here. Food is one of the most commonplaces where the mold can grow. The fridge is a very comfortable place for mold to grow as it is always exposed to food and moisture. One of the most obvious ways to prevent mold is to keep the refrigerator clean, but you need to do way more than just wiping the trays and shelves.

Some tips given by experts who offer mold removal Brooklyn NY services are:

  • You need to clean any spills or small pieces of food instantly.
  • Remove all trays and drawers at least once a month. You can keep the refrigerator clean and mold-free by using vinegar.
  • To clean the door creases, you need to use a toothbrush or small scrub brush.
  • Before closing the door, you need to ensure the trays and shelves are cleaned.

If you think you have molds in your house, then you can call experts from New York Mold Specialist, and they will help you say a final goodbye to molds.

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