How to Avoid Water Damage?

How to Avoid Water Damage?

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and usually occurs when it rains heavily or in winter due to the melting of the snow and extreme cold. The cost of damage from water is usually in thousands of dollars since it can involve wooden furniture, upholstery, electronic equipment, plumbing, other appliances and more. The other issue with water damage is it can cause mold growth, which is also another expensive problem to solve.

New York Mold Specialist offer water damage services in Brooklyn for those who find themselves in a sticky situation.

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There are three main types of water damage:

  1. Damage due to clear water that causes harm to furniture and appliances and is due to a broken appliance, sink, or tub overflow. This type of water damage is not a health risk.
  2. More severe water damage in New York is like that of broken toilets, broken pumps, and seepage of sewage water. This type of damage can be a health risk as well.
  3. The most severe water damage is when there is water damage and there is also a high risk to human health.

Water damage restoration can rake up quite a bill not to mention the losses that one would incur from the damage. Besides which at times it can also be a health hazard; thus, it is a good idea to take necessary precautions to avoid it.

Tips to Avoid Water Damage:

  • Maintain a good drainage system by keeping the gutters clean and ensuring the yard has a slop that is away from the foundation.
  • The Sump pump also requires regular maintenance to ensure it working to full capacity when the need be.
  • Hence, check this device at least once a year to ensure it is in working order.
  • Fix the water leaks in the house by repairing aging pipes or fixing minor issues in the pipes. Regular inspection of the pipes and ceiling for dark spots or cracks as well as the roof for damaged shingles are basic steps necessary to prevent water leaks.
  • Never allow the soil around the house to get very dry since when it finally rains the soil will expand which will put pressure on the foundation walls.
  • Seeping water or moisture can result in the growth of mold which is not good for any house. Regular inspection of the basement to check for damp walls or cracks is early warning signs. It is necessary to fix any cracks you find immediately.
  • All leaks in plumbing and other water-related issues should be given proper attention.
  • Scrub off any molds you find instantly using detergent and water.
  • Inspect windows and seal if necessary to prevent water seepage.
  • It is necessary to check any downspouts that may be in the vicinity of your house to ensure that there is no debris blocking it and preventing the rainwater from draining in a good manner.
  • Ensure a sprinkler system or irrigation system in the house is not causing damage in any way.
  • Take steps to prevent gutters from getting clogged by using gutter guards.

Water Damage Service

New York Mold Specialist offer water damage services in New York for those who find the slightest water intrusion in their house. They offer professional help to those with extensive damage as well. A crew of trained experts is always available to fix any water damage issue. They have all the necessary equipment to repair any damage and even prevent such an issue from repeating in the future. Special equipment makes it easy to fix any damage; the advantage of New York Mold Specialist is that they make use of advanced equipment and technology including dehumidification, turbo dryers, etc.