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It can be challenging to figure out how to keep the mold from returning. Mold removal in Westchester, NY, is a complicated process since there are hundreds of distinct species of mold, each of which reacts differently to different chemicals and feeds on specific elements in your home.

Air Quality, Mold Inspection, Testing, and Removal in Westchester County

The company you are looking for is the New York Mold Specialist. Your mold removal in Westchester, NY, will be dealt with efficiently and completely, right down to the roots, with the help of experience and the right equipment.

    Hotspots and Common Causes

    If you have found mold in your house, it is possible that it is not the sole source. All that is required for mold to grow is a healthy combination of moisture and uninterrupted time. If you are starting to detect a growing issue, here are a few places to look for mold:

    • Mold grows in the attic, which has poor insulation, ventilation, and roof leaks. Look for powdery substances in the wood, as well as black spots on the floor and walls.
    • The bathroom, particularly the shower, the toilet, and the sink. Because of the combination of traffic, bacteria, and water, spores are easily spread.
    • Mold is most commonly found in the home on kitchen floors and cabinets, as well as sponges.
    • Vents often grow mold due to condensation from warm/cool air being circulated around the home, especially if they are not cleaned regularly.
    • Without a thorough check, insulation and drywall would go undiscovered.
    • For many of the same reasons as attics, basements, but with the added complication of being underground and so exposed to more moisture than other parts of the house.

    Mold has most certainly started to spread in your home if you have noticed it. Therefore, use mold removal services in Westchester, NY, today at New York Mold Specialist!

    Mold Removal

    Mold must be removed with caution and precision, with the method chosen based on the severity of the problem. Following a thorough mold removal in Westchester, NY, our professionals perform the following basic procedures in eliminating mold from your house.

    It is essential to get rid of infected regions. Parts of the walls, carpets, and flooring, as well as maybe personal things, will need to be removed and replaced.

    It is essential to select the right answer. While bleach is effective, it can cause mold to withdraw deeper into particular surfaces, only to resurface later, stronger. New York Mold Specialist employs environmentally friendly, healthy chemicals to keep your family safe and the mold from returning.

    Before mold removal in Westchester, NY, address the source of the problem, whether it be leaks, poor ventilation, or an uneven humidity level.

    After the mold has been treated, your home must be allowed to dry completely to ensure that the mold has been removed.

    You deserve mold removal that is both safe and effective.

    Mold has a bad rep for being nasty. Many people feel that removing mold requires the use of harsh, harmful chemicals like bleach – you know, the kind we strive to keep away from our kids? – However, nothing could be further from the truth.


    You do not have to give up effectiveness for the sake of safety. Restore your property’s health. Everyone will be healthier tomorrow if we act now.


    We use green mold cleanup products that are cutting-edge. They are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and quite effective.

    Trained and Certified Technicians

    Our professionals are well-versed in dealing with mold damage of all types and degrees in a safe manner.

    Use our mold removal services in Westchester, NY, at New York Mold Specialist now!