Mold Remediation in Long Island, NY

Mold build up is a health hazard that is often not detected immediately. It is not always in plain sight and often detected due to a bad smell or during the transaction of real estate. Mold is fungus like algae, virus, yeast, dust mite, pollen, etc. and can exist in a hidden place for a long time before being detected.

Some of the common reasons for this include a high level of moisture, leakage, flooding due to a natural calamity or some other reason. It can transform into a big health issue and cause problems like an allergic reaction, lung problem, internal bleeding and more. Thus, it is advisable to request a mold inspection in case of bad smell and other issues that suggest a mold infestation like bad health, property transfer, etc.

New York Mold Specialist provides mold remediation in Long Island, NY. no matter what the issue may be like flood situation, etc. Our services extend to inspection, testing, and water damage restoration services as well.

Our Services

We deal with mold build up in the right manner. Once it is detected we are quick to respond with the process of mold removal and also ensure that new growth is prevented. We attend to this issue as soon as possible and advise homeowners to be away for the period due to the toxic nature of the mold. The task of mold remediation in Long Island is completed fast to ensure homeowners do not need to be away for long. We offer time flexibility as well and even provide our service on weekends.

Why call us?

The earlier the mold detection the better; however it is also a good idea to consult an expert for this purpose. Here are some of the common reasons to arrange an inspection prior to mold remediation in Long Island:

  • Visible Growth, Strange smell
  • Water damage, Throat irritation
  • Headaches, Fatigue
  • Nausea, Coughing

It is possible to detect mold by visual inspection since it is essentially a type of fungi. It can be of many different types like black, brown, green, pink, etc and it will have a bad odor. The first step after an inspection is mold removal since it can get airborne and become a serious health hazard. Besides which, it can also damage a house in the form of structural damage or damage to walls, etc.

How does it work?

We follow a simple procedure for mold remediation in Long Island NY at New York Mold Specialist. The way we work is that we are quick to respond once contacted about a potential mold-related issue. We carry out an inspection and make use of technology like taking photos, using an infrared camera, a humidity monitor, etc to check the area of mold infestation. At times, the process of mold testing is also necessary and a correct removal procedure is formed on the basis of the laboratory results. The process of mold remediation includes tasks like mold cleaning, enzyme, bio treatments, allergy cleansing, odor neutralization, de-humidification, water extraction, and other services as per requirement.