Mold Inspection Service in Long Island, NY

Molds are usually not visible at plain sight since they are often found in places that receive no sunlight and those that are hard to reach. This increases the chances of it being present for a long time prior to detection. Thus, it is always a good idea to initiate mold inspection in Long Island at the slightest suggestion of an infection.

Growth of mold occurs due to high moisture levels, leaks or in case of a house flooding situation. It is essentially a fungus but can be in the form of algae, dust mites, east, pollen, etc. It possesses a potential health risk as well and often results in an allergic reaction, lung problem, and more severe health issues.

We assist with mold testing in NYC in several situations including flooding, water damage, moisture, and several other situations.

Significance of Mold Inspection

There are several conditions when it is necessary to conduct a mod inspection in Long Island. However, it is not necessary to organize an inspection when mold is clearly visible. Here are some of the conditions that require an inspection or testing:

  • If there is a bad smell it is a good idea to have it inspected.
  • In case of water leak or moisture in places not easily visible to the naked eye.
  • After a house flooding due to either a natural calamity or some other fault.
  • Molds testing can confirm existence of an issue and help plan an appropriate solution.
  • Conducting mold testing on the removal of all threats often brings peace of mind to the homeowners.
  • An unexplained health issue in the household with symptoms similar to that of an issue due to mold like coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc. does qualify for a mold inspection.
  • A real estate transaction may a good time to test for mold and arrange a mold inspection for the sake of new homeowners.

Our Services

We offer mold inspection in Long Island and are quick to respond to such calls since mold is highly toxin and is something that should be dealt with immediately. We offer help with many issues related to mold problems. This includes mold inspection and testing to check if such a problem does exist.

This process is also quickly followed by the mold removal process to ensure it does not lead to any major health issues. Homeowners are usually advised to be away from the house for their own safety during this process; hence the process is completed as soon as possible.

Why call us?

Mold can result in bad smell and it is also airborne. It is a big health risk and is something that should be handled as soon as possible. Mold can also damage a house including the structure, internal walls, brickwork, etc. Hence it is always a good idea to arrange an inspection when in doubt.

Here are a few reasons to request one:

  • Strange smell
  • Visible growth
  • Health Issues
  • Water leakage
  • Transaction of Real Estate

We are easily approachable and are quick to respond to any request for assistance. Our inspection process is quick and effective that involves inspection of the area, taking photos and making use of technology like a humidity monitor and an infrared camera. The testing process is equally fast and involves taking a sample for further testing in a laboratory. The results of these tests are then shared with the homeowner for any appropriate action necessary.