Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“After my family began showing symptoms of mold related health issues, we immediatly contacted certified mold inspection and removal specialists and within days we had a mold inspection done, and all the reports to prove that we did have mold in our home. Because of their technologically advanced equipment, they were able to see mold in the surfaces of our home which we didnt see. We had the mold removed and my children are feeling better and I am so happy with the service. I feel safe and secure that my home is a safe environment to live in. Thanks David! Barbara H., NYC”

“About a monh ago, our roof started leaking and it took only a few days before the leakage spread to other areas of our house. We began seeing sort of “wet spots” allover on the walls and even in corners on the floor. We figured we shoudl do something about it before it got worse so we called a bunch of mold removal companies in the area and we went with Certified mold inspection and removal specialists. My wife and I are so happy with our choice we were so worried in the begining but after your technicians completed their removal process, we feel comfortable in our home again and we do not need to be afraid of breathing the air in our home and sleeping there at nights. Thanks Certified mold inspection and removal specialists you made my family safe and happy.”

“Fantastic Job! My husband noticed mold in our basement closet when we returned from our summer home two weeks ago. The mold was all over the walls and looked scary. I was very nervous to be in the house with my three kids. I called Certified mold inspection and removal specialists and they came down the same day. They started the mold removal on the spot and put air scrubbers around the house so that we could breath the air without a problem. I must say the whole process is much easier when you call a company that has experience and knows how to do the job right.”

“My basement got flooded last month with six inches of water. After a few days, black mold started to appear on the walls. I got very concerned for my familys health and decided i needed to get this checked by certified mold inspection and removal specialists company. Their service was amazing. The Inspector was able to to see where the moisture was coming from with an infrared camera. He took tests and sent it to the lab. I felt confident that i was dealing with a company that was very experienced. The tests showed that I had a significant count of mold in the air and that I would need to have the mold removed. They were able to come the next day to begin the removal process. I am thankful that I found such a great company to ease my worries.”

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