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Tips for Finding the Best Mold Inspector in NY

Mold inspection is done to find the root cause of the problem if there is one, and it helps you to find a solution to what to do about it. Mold exposure can cause health ailments that affect toddlers, babies, and the elder members who have respiratory problems. Almost all of us suffer from joint issues, including cold or flu. The symptoms go away when molds leave the environment. You can hire or call a mold inspector near me to get more information on patterns. Mold inspector near me is here to advise you on strategies.


How to Find a Mold Inspector Near Me?

Initial Phone Call and Price

From the start, you need to explain your situation on call. Your inspector should also ask several questions to determine the problem. Sometimes, the mold inspector near me can advise you on request at times. Mold inspectors must have excellent communication skills as they need to understand potential implications and problems. The inspectors should be detail-oriented people, experienced, and also provide customized reporting solutions.

Proper Training

Before you hire an inspector, you should know that the person is qualified and has the knowledge to help you. The mold industry still lacks regulation. There are individual institutions out there who offer proper training to inspectors. Hence it is suggested that you should hire a mold inspector who would have a basic understanding of science and infrared technology.

Work Experience

It is essential to look out for mold inspectors who do mold inspections full time. As longer the work experience your inspector has, the better he is at performing mold inspections.

Mold Inspection Procedures

Mold inspectors who are well trained and experienced, have a routine to follow. The mold inspector you hire should explicitly explain what protocol it includes to identify and where does the potential mold exist. The necessary procedure of mold testing Brooklyn NY consists of checking interior areas of the home for leaks and water staining. Check the holes in the bathroom and water damage in the surrounding area, ventilation testing, caulking and ceilings, and floors of the toilets. Check the cupboards below the sink in the kitchen, the caulking around dishwasher or sink. They are looking out for signs of water leakage near the washing machines.


It is essential to hire mold inspectors who also have professionals in their time to help you with the best mold removal process. It is difficult to find the right mold removal company, so it is essential to look out for mold inspectors who will have at least two companies to refer to you.

Mold Inspection limitations

The mold inspectors are responsible for informing you about what they cover and not cover in mold testing in Brooklyn NY. The main agenda of discussing limitations before starting mold inspection is that you can get clear expectations upfront, and then surprises don’t shock you. The inspector should tell you about their limitations directly so that they can be implemented in the contract.

Tools and Types of Equipment

A lot of tools are used by mold inspectors to diagnose, as well as confirm the findings. The tools used mainly by mold inspectors include flashlight, hygrometer, moisture meter, infrared camera, etc.

Reputation and References

You have to look for reviews online and check if there are any complaints against the inspector.  You can check the reviews on popular sites like Google or Yelp as they show efficient consistency. Ideally, companies refrain from providing references to call their clients unless you agree to book with them.

Thus, by asking a few critical questions to the mold inspector, you can find the right person on the job.

Mold Removal Manhattan

Why to Hire Professional Mold Remediation Long Island NY?

The mold remediation is really important as it has caused many health issues to people. The potential effects of mold include allergies and asthma flare-ups, respiratory infections, and fungal infections. The additional symptoms that are associated with mold in the home are nasal congestion, respiratory problems, throat irritation, sneezing, coughing, etc.

When the house gets flooded heavy due to any reason and doesn’t get cleaned by a professional, it is bound to return again. It will also result in additional money being spent and parts or items of the home requiring to be replaced. This is why it is necessary to get mold remediation in Long Island, NY done by professionals and here are the reasons to help you understand better.

Proper Assessment

The mold specialists know the root cause of mold and understand how it spreads in the home. Sometimes mold is not easily visible and can be hidden in vents or under the wooden floors and various difficult places to assume and find. Once the place is discovered the mold is then assessed properly to understand the severity of the situation.

Proper Treatment

The mold remediation process depends on the type of mold that has been found after assessment. The professionals have the right equipment to deal with the problem. The process generally includes sealing off the mold, controlling the humidity, physical removal, and cleaning up after it. This cannot be done right on your own through a DIY process no matter how well you think you have done it.

Prevents Future Problems

The mold specialists deal with mold assessment and treatment in such a way that it prevents any future chance of mold occurring at the same place due to the particular reasons. An experienced professional will be able to accurately identify the affected areas and properly educate you on how to prevent such problems from happening in the future. Tips will be given by the professional mold specialist on how to prevent mold and have proper ventilation. Also, they can tell you whether you need to change the pipes, roof or other things that are affected or might cause a problem in the near future.


The advantage of hiring professional mold remediation Long Island NY is that it would save money in the short and long-term as well. In the short-term, it prevents the cost of buying unnecessary DIY products that might or might not be useful. It would also save money on having to buy new furniture or other items due to excessive mold infection. In the long-term, it would save money as you won’t have to buy any products or requiring services often. Mold remediation would ensure it won’t happen again unless something else causes it to happen later on.

If you require professional mold remediation Long Island NY service, contact us. We, New York Mold Specialist are professional mold removers and can deal with all kinds of mold problems as well as suggest ways to avoid it. We would eradicate the problem from its cause and ensure you have a safe and healthy environment to live in.

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Unique Causes Of Roof Leaks You Should Know

Leak on the roof can happen due to many significant reasons. Sometimes, the water may ooze from some root cause that you aren’t really aware of. If, however, you end up ignoring these, the roof leaks can end up causing more structural damage to your home. That is why people aim to find out the water damage experts in  Brooklyn to ensure the safety of your home.

Water damage is likely to bring about more investment than you can think about. If you desire to save your money, you ought to know the possible root causes of the possible damage to your roof.

Mentioned below are the possible aspects of a roof leak that can come in handy while you go for professional help.

Damaged Gutter

Gutters are usually designed to make the flow of water easy enough such that householders don’t end up feeling the outcomes of leaks and water damage. Due to faulty gutters, however, the foundation of security from water problems can break easily. This happens when the gutter is either damaged, clogged, or installed.

The water buildup becomes a prominent thing in the walls of the house. It doesn’t take long for the leak to reach the roof and cause significant damage. The material used to make the roof may soften due to the presence of water.

Trees and Branches

The most common cause of roof leak and water damage caused there are branches and trees. Sometimes, due to the constant flow of water, trees and small shrubs can end up growing inside the broken pipes and walls. Soon enough, that aspect seems to get water build-up high enough on the roof to cause a leak. Large leaves and branches can cause high roof damage if they are not trimmed down appropriately on time.

The Buildup of An Ice Dam on The Roof

In the winter season, things become quite difficult when it comes to a colder region. If you forget to notice the ice establishing its reign on the top, it can cause the material inside the roof to weaken, and it will eventually start to leak. The attic is usually heated, and when the snow falls, it starts melting in a while.

Many times, when the atmosphere is much lower, the individuals end up seeing that the leaking water ends up freezing in the form of ice on the rooftop. This can create further problems with your rooftop when the cold subsides, and the water starts leaking.

Cracked Vent Booting

The roof went are critical for the homes since they help the individuals in getting rid of excess moisture from home. The leaks caused due to this aspect can possibly leave dark spots over the roof surface inside the rooms. This is specifically a problem when the leak happens in that specific area.

The problem usually occurs when the roof starts decaying o the break of flashing occurs on the vent. It can cause the water to leak across the vent and surrounding surface that can make it difficult for you to stay in the same room for long.

Roof Age

Certainly, this is the most important aspect of a particular house since it can end up giving you more trouble than necessary. The material used to make the roof can get old and weaken its a strength. If the other aspects such as water buildup or trees issue aren’t solved, it won’t be long when the roof starts to leak water.


People usually find water damage experts in New York at one point after recognizing the problems mentioned above. You might be able to find more satisfaction after identifying all the possible causes of the roof leaks happing in your house. It can make things easier for you when you approach the appropriate expert for some solution.

Myth 4: You Have The Choice of Removing The Mold After Killing It

Be Aware Of These Mold Myths, The After-Effects Of Flood Damage New York

One of the most common after effects of flood damage New York are the molds in your beautiful homes that create havoc. However, molds create several misunderstandings around the world today. Many rely on the internet thinking it could end up your fear and frustration of the molds. However, you only get more confused because of twisted myths.

Still, you can tackle some of the myths yourself including the idea of calling the professionals if the mold seems to be spreading throughout the wall. However, some suggest weird ideas about remaking the entire wall that can enable you to spend more money.

If you are aware of these myths, you can tackle them at once and take decision wisely. Your confusion can be cleared up by carefully going through some of the reliable myths to help you with your problems.

The following list of tangible facts about myths represents around the world can give you the right direction.

Myth 1: Mold is Harmful To Only Those Suffering From Asthma

People generally have some misconception that mold can initiate drastic health issues to those who have asthma. Therefore, those without such individuals at home, some just take molds for granted.

Even though it is true that respiratory aspects can be affected due to mold, others can face health problems as well. Healthy adults face mild problems such as dizziness, sore throat, and even coughing. If the room full of molds has explicitly no ventilation or similar support, you might end up having more severe heal problems.

Myth 2: You Can Get Rid of Molds Using Bleach

Another common misconception that has been spread among the individuals that they can easily get rid of molds using bleach. Molds have different kinds that can be affected due to bleach, specifically on the nonporous surface. However, the fact that it can reduce mold from your homes remains unclear.

Few types of molds may not be killed by using simple bleach. Moreover, the effectiveness of bleach on the porous surfaces is still under debate. Therefore, before trusting this fact, you might have to contact the professionals dealing with molds almost every day.

In reality, bleach is effective when the mold is caused over the surface due to sewage water. However, it is not necessary that the water from flood damage NY can only be sewage. Those living near the ocean can get in serious mold trouble due to clean and salty water.

Myth 3: You Can Ignore Small Molds and Its Colonies

Sometimes, you might not even appear to notice small colonies of mold around your walls. However, such things enhance the possibility of increasing the mold problems in your house. Such colonies can be anywhere, even under the wallpaper.

The individuals who happen to see and ignore such colonies are forced to pay a larger amount of money. At such a time, you might have to contact the professionals seeking actual advice rather than trying to deal with the situation on your own. You can even use home-made ideas to get rid of small colonies.

Myth 4: You Have The Choice of Removing The Mold After Killing It

This is most dangerous since the allergens in the air can even create airborne problems or health issues. To deal with such problems, you might have to ensure to remove the molds completely before opting for anything else. Such a step can save you from much trouble in the future.


Molds can cause much havoc in your house, even health issues at some point. However, some people get under the influence of myths and end up facing bigger problems. If you happen to have professional guidance, all your myths can be dispelled at once.

water damage services

How to Avoid Water Damage?

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and usually occurs when it rains heavily or in winter due to the melting of the snow and extreme cold. The cost of damage from water is usually in thousands of dollars since it can involve wooden furniture, upholstery, electronic equipment, plumbing, other appliances and more. The other issue with water damage is it can cause mold growth, which is also another expensive problem to solve.

New York Mold Specialist offer water damage services in Brooklyn for those who find themselves in a sticky situation.

There are three main types of water damage:

  1. Damage due to clear water that causes harm to furniture and appliances and is due to a broken appliance, sink, or tub overflow. This type of water damage is not a health risk.
  2. More severe water damage in New York is like that of broken toilets, broken pumps, and seepage of sewage water. This type of damage can be a health risk as well.
  3. The most severe water damage is when there is water damage and there is also a high risk to human health.

Water damage restoration can rake up quite a bill not to mention the losses that one would incur from the damage. Besides which at times it can also be a health hazard; thus, it is a good idea to take necessary precautions to avoid it.

Tips to Avoid Water Damage:

  • Maintain a good drainage system by keeping the gutters clean and ensuring the yard has a slop that is away from the foundation.
  • The Sump pump also requires regular maintenance to ensure it working to full capacity when the need be.
  • Hence, check this device at least once a year to ensure it is in working order.
  • Fix the water leaks in the house by repairing aging pipes or fixing minor issues in the pipes. Regular inspection of the pipes and ceiling for dark spots or cracks as well as the roof for damaged shingles are basic steps necessary to prevent water leaks.
  • Never allow the soil around the house to get very dry since when it finally rains the soil will expand which will put pressure on the foundation walls.
  • Seeping water or moisture can result in the growth of mold which is not good for any house. Regular inspection of the basement to check for damp walls or cracks is early warning signs. It is necessary to fix any cracks you find immediately.
  • All leaks in plumbing and other water-related issues should be given proper attention.
  • Scrub off any molds you find instantly using detergent and water.
  • Inspect windows and seal if necessary to prevent water seepage.
  • It is necessary to check any downspouts that may be in the vicinity of your house to ensure that there is no debris blocking it and preventing the rainwater from draining in a good manner.
  • Ensure a sprinkler system or irrigation system in the house is not causing damage in any way.
  • Take steps to prevent gutters from getting clogged by using gutter guards.

Water Damage Service

New York Mold Specialist offer water damage services in New York for those who find the slightest water intrusion in their house. They offer professional help to those with extensive damage as well. A crew of trained experts is always available to fix any water damage issue. They have all the necessary equipment to repair any damage and even prevent such an issue from repeating in the future. Special equipment makes it easy to fix any damage; the advantage of New York Mold Specialist is that they make use of advanced equipment and technology including dehumidification, turbo dryers, etc.

Tips for Effective Mold Removal by Certified Experts

Tips for Effective Mold Removal by Certified Experts

Are You are Seeking for the Reliable Company for Mold Removal in New York?

The New York Mold Specialist’s would be the best which specializes in removing and preventing mold growth. The company has licensed technicians who are professional experts at identifying mold and mildew, and using the modern technology and equipments to do away with microbes that enter homes due to moist environment. When it move towards remediating mold it’s always best to hire a professional mold removal and remediation service.

Mold is Present Almost Everywhere, Indoors and Outdoors:

  • Removing large infestations requires precautions
  • Open up moldy walls
  • Remove moldy carpet
  • Cleanup and repair
  • Seal off the damaged area

Thus, Mold Remediation is provided by New York Mold Specialist’s for your safety and health by utilizing containment control and by providing contaminant removal. It offers a wide array of services like mold testing, mold removal, water/flood damage repair, fire damage, air duct cleaning, and anti-bacterial cleaning that no other companies can do! This is the reason they are known for their best reliable services to cater all your requirements in the most effective way possible.

Protective Equipment Used for Mold Remediation

The mold remediation process is one of the times when mold spores are most probably to be disturbed into the air. This is why you should wear protective clothing and equipment while executing mold remediation.

Protective Tools Includes:

  • Dust filter mask or respirator
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Protective clothing that covers your entire body and can be easily cleaned or disposed of.

The Major Steps Involved in Mold Remediation and Reduction are:

  1. Wear protective equipment
  2. Contain mold spores
  3. Set up negative pressure
  4. Remove the mold
  5. Prevent mold returning
  6. Clean belongings
  7. HEPA vacuum
  8. Dispose of the mold

Hence, this is useful for the efficient and effective Mold Removal in New York. Remediation area will be kept under negative pressure with air exhausted to the outdoors if physically possible to stop any cross contamination.
After the completion of remediation work all neighboring areas will be air scrubbed and heap vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores. Thus, a post remediation visual inspection air sampling will be performed upon clients request and approval. While proper safety would be placed to maintain the health and concerns of the occupants.

Therefore, the customer relations is an extremely high regard and is kept open for 24/7 to take any questions or concerns you might have no matter the situation or circumstance. Thus, remediation projects are designed ahead of time with a guaranteed work dead line and completes every single aspect that goes into a positive mold remediation in a resourceful and quick matter.

Safe and Fast Mold Removal

During the mold removal in NYC, it is the time when mold spores are most likely to be stirred up into the air. To reduce this you should begin the moistening any dry mold growth as dry mold will allow many more spores to escape into the air when disturbed. Also, use a spray bottle of water to wet the dry mold slightly. After this use a key to remove the mold from the surface. Different solutions will work better for different surfaces.

Several Solutions to Kill Mold are the Following:

  • Bleach
  • Borax
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia

However, even if you follow a daily cleaning routine, mold could still grow in some of the lesser-cleaned areas of the home. Therefore, when it comes to something as dangerous as mold, hiring the right company is must. Here is the right place you are having trusted and high-quality professionals which provides best services to the customers.


Mold Remedies – An Overview of the Common Problem

A form of fungal growth, mold develops naturally and is present almost everywhere. We come across many forms of mold in our day-to-day lives. For instance, food that has been stored beyond its health expectancy develops mold on it; the colorful patches on it that are usually white and green in color. The city of New York has imposed strict regulations regarding indoor mold and insists that they’re taken seriously by every home owner for it is a health concern. The laws governing mold remediation NYC can be easily accessed on the internet.

Businesses like New York Mold Specialist strive to provide quality services to its customers backed by years of experience in dealing with mold problems. Mold can spread by itself if left untreated and thrives on moist, humid and warm conditions; a perfect place is our home. Most of the mold is relatively harmless and found on everyday surfaces ranging from food to leather.

The one that’s classified as a potential health hazard and can spread many forms of illness is the black coloured mold usually found on the surfaces of home walls, broken water pipes, etc. There are many Brooklyn Mold Inspectors that provide extensive remediation services and if you doubt that your home suffers from mold problem, do not wait to contact an agency.

Testing for indoor mold is important due to its health threat to humans and animals alike and can cause damage to your property. A few early symptoms of constant exposure to mold are baldness, headaches, flu, fatigue, different skin ailments like rashes, dryness etc. and many more. Mold issues should not be taken lightly and there are places to look for them and symptoms are pretty easy to identify. The first symptom of mold is usually odor that develops a damp and musty smell that’s not usually found inside a home.

Damages surfaces are other common places for mold to grow and thrive in. Mold remediation NYC assesses your home for possible mold infestations in places like damp wood that develops a soggy look and mold tends to develop in places affected by water. Walls that are infested by mold will develop markings and discoloration will occur as a result, making it easier to identify the affected areas.

Other factors like water leaks causing moist surfaces, flaking occurring on painted surfaces; sewer system malfunctions are often a desirable place for mold to grow and expand.

When booked for a visit, a mold remediation technician will visit your home with state-of-art equipment to identify the causes of mold. The preliminary inspection will begin by assessing the area where mold growth is suspected to occur or already has occurred.

The testing for humidity levels and other factors will occur next followed by lab tests of the mold, checking the air quality, especially the air condition system which often houses mold. Photography of the site might be required to be stored as evidence. Infrared devices may be used to check for mold infections behind surfaces walls.

A licensed technician can curb the mold problem with various procedures that are certified with proper licenses. The affected area will be sealed off using various materials and by using air filtration process that created vacuum and aid the remedial process.

Followed by de-humidification and drying the air, disinfection treatment is carried out for decontamination process. After completion of the remedial work, a process of sealing the affected area is done and the air is exhausted outdoors to prevent further contamination. A post-remedial inspection will be carried out after certain periods. For more information and to get your home tested contact us.

Mold on Walls

No Need to Live with the Mold, Get Rid of it ASAP

Mold or fungi! Definitely not a very palatable word, is it? Mold needs dampness to grow and flourish, the more dampness a place has, the more chances of mold being found. At the first look it appears to be some sort of a stain. If you have ever been in a damp place, you will be known to the musty smell. That musty smell that lingers in the air of a damp place, is an indication that there is mold.

If the growth of the mold is not arrested then it leads to poor air quality. Mold like Dry Rot fungus are very destructive. Same ways mold likes Serpula Lacrymans can be very harmful too.

How to Detect Mold?

If you have slightest of doubts about the presence of mold in any of your buildings, you must get an expert to investigate it. A company that deals with mold removal will send its team for inspection. New York mold specialist happens to be expert in not just detecting the mold but doing a mold removal treatment too. Mold removal in NYC offers one of the most effective treatments available.

The team will first try and find out the cause of the mold. The mold spores are detected by art infra-red equipment. The samples are then taken to the labs to find out the type of mold and its possible treatment.

Procedure to Remove Mold Involves

  1. A personnel with a professional certification will visit your premises and inspect the place.
  2. A special infra-red camera is used to check the walls from behind, this will show to the technician if there is any dampness behind the walls.
  3. The level of humidity is checked by a special device.
  4. An air test will be conducted to check the air quality and compare the spore counts.
  5. The swabs of the visible mold is taken to laboratory to further testing.
  6. 24 hours is all it takes for the mold removal in NYC give a detailed report. In the event a remediation is not necessary based on the findings, a clearance report along with the lab results will be emailed to the client.

What next?

Mold removal New York give 100 % guarantee of making your home completely mold free. Once the treatment is done, you will be able to live in a house that smells good and you will inhale clean bacteria free air.

As the technicians start working from the source of the problem, there is little chance of mold to reappear. The entire area where the mold is found is cleaned and sprayed with disinfectants and an anti- microbial coating is done to ensure the reappearance of the mold.

Health Impact of Mold in Your House

New York Mold Specialist will suggest that you do not stay in a house that is mold infested until it is treated and cleared by the technicians. Mold has several adverse effects on health that include:

  • Allergies
  • Chest congestion
  • Running nose
  • Non- stop sneezing and recurrent cough
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Wheezing and asthma
  • Watery eyes

Mind you, these are symptoms that are visible after mold exposure for a short period; if you are exposed to mold for a longer duration, there could be very dangerous repercussions on health. You could end up feeling depressed, your may get joint pains and even pneumonia. All kinds of skin allergies are also a result of long time exposure to mold.

Thus, do not play with your health and with the air you breathe. Call the experts now and make your house mold free.

Leaky Ceiling

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that can be found on various surfaces and will continuously grow if not dealt with properly. Mold flourishes in warm, damp and humid conditions. Once mold has grown it spreads and reproduces in the form of spores. There are numerous types of mold with different appearances and colors and some may be more harmful than others.

The most common type of mold that most are familiar with is called Aspergillus which is usually ranges from a yellowish color to black or gray or sometimes blue-green. This type of mold is often found on your food or on leather surfaces. Cladosporium ​is a type of mold that is less familiar to most, and usually is a green or black color. This sort of mold can be found in air ducts, painted materials, and on plumbing fixtures.

The most harmful group of molds is called Stachybotrys Chartarum ​which is most often a black color and if one comes across this category of mold in their household action must be taken immediately. Mold can enter your household in multiple ways, through air conditioning systems, windows, vents, and doorways.

Mold will constantly thrive in places with a lot of moisture therefore, the most common places where mold has been found are by leaky roofs, pipes and windows. Once mold has entered it will grow progressively day by day on a variety of surfaces and materials like, wood, cardboards, paper products, wallpaper, carpet fabrics, drywall, insulation, upholstery, tiles, and many more.

Thermal Image of Heat Leak thru Windows

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is also referred to as Infrared which is an innovated, non-invasive mechanization that gives inspectors the ability to uncover information about the mold in a client’s home or building that would not be visible to them when using standard methods of inspection. Thermal Imaging can recognize and record moisture invasion, unpredicted hotspots, and loss of energy.

  • In Reference to Energy loss, an IR camera can identify:
  • Air penetration in floors, ceilings, walls, doors, and windows. And heat loss.
  • Heating systems malfunctioning or has been damaged.
  • Leaks in air-condition compressor.
  • Seals that have been broken in double-paned windows.
  • Leads to energy loss due to missing frame members.

In reference to detect moisture intrusion, an IR camera can locate:

  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Roof leaks that are not visible and may lead to damage.
  • Wet insulation that’s been misplaced or destroyed.

Moisture and water penetrations that could lead to structural harm and mold. based on the color gradients that thermal images provide, an inspector can visually see:

  • The loss of energy through shelter tubes left by boring wood-destroying insects and potential infestation of pests.
  • IR camera detects the presence of invaders such as mice, rats and other pests due to their heat signature.

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